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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amanda's Off Again!

Well, my blog has clearly been in hibernation for the past two years (sorry 'bout that), but I'm waking it up for a really good reason.

My contract at Microsoft has reached its 365-day limit, and so I'm off to something new. I'll be traveling from February 3rd through April 28th. Destinations include Italy, Portugal, Scotland, parts of Scandinavia, and Montenegro.

The goal of this trip is to do exactly what I want. Read in a cafe for six hours? Ok! Hop a train to Lugano for some skiing through the palm trees? Don't mind if I do! I think what I want is to explore and to write. Those are things that I have missed so much the past year. So, as far as I can tell, that is exactly what I will do.

I'm not sure how frequently I'll update this. I'll send a quick note on facebook to let you know when I've updated the blog, but sometimes I'm pretty bad at things like that. I'll shoot for once a week. Pictures, you ask? If you're lucky (while I worked at Microsoft, I'm still terrible at all things computer).

Thanks to all who are reading! No pressure, no guilt if you don't. I'm writing for fun and for curiosity, and it seems that you should be reading for the same.

Feel free to write me at my personal email, too. If I've given you my email address, please use it. Otherwise, facebook and this blog it is!

Buon viaggi!


Jared said...

While 6 hours of coffee and skiing through palm trees sound just about right, I highly recommend a day trip to Chianti with a lunch at La Castellana. As long as you don't try to bike up the hill you'll thank me later :)

Have a great trip!

Volume Italy said...

Grazie! I love recommendations, and I've already found Greve on a map. I'll be hitting up the hills for sure. You should probably start planning your return trip to Europe right about how. :)